Sunday, 17 November 2019

Mathern \Mill Saturday open.

A nice short 7 minute drive to Marthern Mill for one of Norm Sterry`s knock ups. Only 9 fishing today, but I guess the amount of rain we`ve had and the fact it could kill the fishin I off put a few off today. Into the draw bag and out pops peg 16. A good peg over the years with a nice bomb chuck to the end of the island and open water options. I decided today to go for silvers as long as possible and take the carp if they came along. Getting to the bank I could see the water was gin clear and I could see down at least 2 foot. Not good!!. I started by drip feeding a few micros and casters at 11m hoping the skimmers would have a go but nothing happened. Rich Heatley, Chepstows newest overseas resident, had a carp first drop in before he had even emptied his toss pot on peg 21 and Rich Candy on 22 had one pretty early. But the lake was very quiet. in fact it took me over two hours to register my first bite that I missed. The sun had just dissapeared and the light levels dropped quite a bit and that kicked everybody into catching. Except me. I had a few quick bites that I couldnt make contact with on three different rigs and baits. So I wasnt sure why I was missing them. Norm to my right had a few at half way catching mainly 16m down his right side on bomb and pole. I did hook and loose 2 lumps on my silvers rig but lost them both. It was 4 hours before I put a fish in the net. I had it chucking a bomb close to the island with a wafter popped up about one inch off the bottom. That started a run of 4 big fish in 40 minutes and one on the pole in an area I was catapulting 1 piece of corn every 5 minutes. I alo lost one next drop in so that did sort of work, but it didnt last long. it went quiet again untill 5 minutes from the end when I took another on the bomb. At the end I thought my 6 carp would go 45lb but they had obviously fattened up for winter and I put 56-02 on the scales. They are big boys in this place. First on the day was Darren Witton on peg 11 who had a good second half of the match catching on the feeder cast  to his righ close in, with 102-15. Second was Norm Sterry on 14 with 79-07. Third on peg 3 and out of my sight was Byron ? with 91-05.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Acorn cost cutter 12/11/19

As I worked all weekend again I got tuesday as a day off so I tootled off to Acorn fishery for the regular tuesday bash. The weather was looking nasty with strongwinds forcast and with the fishery prone to being a windy spot a good draw was vital, Had the ususal breakfast at the Bridge Inn before going to the fishery. A few floats were sold and then the draw was on.  Only 10 fishing today so plenty of room. With a North wind blowing a hooligan across the venue a draw with the wind at your back was prefered, but I pull out peg 21 which meant it was smack in the kisser all day. I got to the peg which is right next to one of the bridges and it was obvious fishing long was going to be a struggle. Even though the wind was blowing straight along the pole it was being slammed both ways and with the bridge so close I didnt try it for long as I was worried it would hit the bridge and do some damage. I did get one small carp at the bottom of the far shelf on soft pellet but I realy couldnt hold the pole still long enough to make it worh while. And fishing tight across was just about impossible. So the match was spent fishing 2+3 fairly close to the bridge where I could just about control it. It was two hours to my first fish and I was actually very close at that time to packing up as I couldnt feel my hands but I dug out my neoprene gloves and that made a difference, even though its not easy to fish wearing them. I ended up the day struggling to get bites but managed to get 15 puppy carp on soft and hard pellet over micros for a weight of 28-04 for nowhere on the day. The two anglers to my right finished up early and didnt weigh. The pegs on the end road bank were top as usual with Steve Collins coming out ontop with 65-07. Though it was at the expense of two broken pole sections because of the wind. Silvers was won by Callum Dicks from sheltered peg 31 with 21-09 in a total of 30-15. Got to admit I was very glad it was only a 5 hour match as I felt I had been in a proper scrap with the wind all day and was glad to hear the wistle at the end. Full results below

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Acorn tuesday Costcutter 5/11/19

As I worked the weekend I used my lieu day to go to Acorn for the Tuesday bash. Had a breakfast in the Bridge Inn first as usual that was ok. Only 11 fishing today so a bit low on numbers from the usual turn out. Into the drawbag and out pops peg 2 on the island. Got to the peg and found a stiff westerly wind blowing straight down the lake. It was going to make fishing across a bit difficult. Realy fancied a go at the silver today so I actualy bought some reds to go for it. But with some very good silvers anglers there I wasnt hoping for too much. Started the match on the 2+2 line with maggot over soaked micros but it was a bit slow. took a while to get the first bite that was a little Nemo. 10 minutes after that for the next bite and another small Nemo. Then it was dead. My old snooker playing buddy from many moons ago Bob Smith was to my left  on peg 4, and he was struggling. After 30 minutes he was fishless and Id only had the two. I`d set up a rig to fish at 11m at the bottom of the far shelf as tight across in the shallow water was just too hard to fish. I had a fish first drop in that was a small carp. But like the short line that was it for a while. Back short for a corasio and a couple of small roach. I was a bit slow today. After 2 hours I had 9lb on my clicker with a couple more small carp. Bob was catching a few silvers across on soft pellet. Mainly corasio and roach. The edges were void of life and stayed that way all day. Nor myself  or Bob had a touch down the edges. Half way through and it was a real struggle. One decent carp and some puppies had my clicker at 18lb and about 3lb of silvers. As I was miles behind with the silvers I ditched trying to catch them nd sterted feeding 6mm pellets on the 2+2 line. Switching around the lines trying to find fish, I was going nowhere fast. Then with 1hour 20 left I tried the 2+2 line again and the carp had turned up. I had 4 in as many drops then lost a couple. But I stayed on that line for the rest ofthe match and put some big fish in the net. At the end I though I had about 75lb with 50 plus pound coming in the last 80 minutes. Bob had a busy day and put a decent net of  silvers that he caught on soft pellet over micros across at the bottom of the far shelf. I was first to wiegh and I was happy to see the scale go round to a total of  81-11 which got me second place on the day. Bobs silvers went 26-06 for fist in the silvers. His total was 41- 10. Dave Wride was next to weigh and his total with a decent silvers net went 87-03 and top weight on the day. Third on the day on peg 7 was Eddie Wynne with 66-07. It was a tough day and scratching around was the way for most people with the fish not wanting to settle untill late. Back there again next tuesday as Ive got to work the weekend again so hopefully Ive learnt a bit. Like make up some soft pellet next time. full results below

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Mathern Mill saturday open.

That short drive again today to Mathern for a practice match hoping to go for silvers. 12 fishing and with the torrential rain we had in the last 36 hours I really didnt think it would fish that well today. I was almost expecting to find one big lake instead of 2 today. I dived into the draw first as I wanted to draw down the motorway end of the lake. But peg 22 come out, as far from the other end as I could get. Its a corner of the lake Ive never done any good from. A big lily bed where you can loose loads of carp and a resident shoal of tiny rudd that stop just about every bait getting to the bottom. I set up to fish caster or maggot over groundbait at 5 and 13 metres for the skimmers if any were around, and also a carp rig to fish over the same lines. A rig to fish along to my left in shallower water as the carp can come in on this line. There was a nice big gap in the dying lily`s where I could guide them out if hooked. And a bomb rod to fish the other side of the bay as another option. I started on the bomb while the groundbait line settled but after 25 minute and no pull rounds I ditched that for the time being. Out to 13 meters and I got a skimmer first drop in. Only 5 ounces but it was a start. Nobody was catching at that time so the cold rain had done a number on the fish and they were not feeding. A couple more bits came to hand before the first carp was hooked on the silvers rig. 10 minutes later it was landed. Squeaky bum time at about 10lb. that just about killed the silvers line and all I could get then was blippy rudd. Another try on the bomb was biteless. I took a couple of smaller carp at 13m down the edge but they werent there in any numbers. After about 3 hours I had my first pull round on the bomb, and it was a bruser at 18-7. I think thats the biggest fish Ive landed in a match. the restof the match was spent swapping around all lines. The silvers lines only pruduced rudd and on the carp lines I did manage another 5 fish. But it was a struggle to get anything going. The last hour was crap and bites were a premium. At the end my guess was around 70lb for nowhere, but was pleased my fish went 80-8 and got me third on the day. The skimmers just never showed up today for anyone. Top dog on the day was new resident to the area Rich Heatley, who now calls this place his local water, on peg 2 with 99-4 second was Rich Lovering on peg 25 with 86-3. Top silvers on the day went to venue expert Norm Sterry with 25-11 from peg 8.

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Mathern Mill silvers series round 1

A nice short 7 minute drive to Mathern today for round 1 of the Silvers series run by Norm Sterry and Andy J Fuller. There`s loads of decent skimmers in this place so we were all hoping for a good day. Into the draw bucket and I get peg 8 in my hand. A peg known as "The Hole" as it has a very deep hole to the left at less than a top kit length that use to win all the winter matches. Andy Fuller was to my right and had a good moan about drawing peg 11. The plan today was to fish maggot and caster over groundbait laced with casters and micros. I was trying some new floats today, all wire stemmed. I set up a 4x16, and 4x14 to fish two lines at 7m and 13m. Also set up a 4x12 to fish a slower drop but the water was a bit deep for that at close to 7 foot. Also set up a maggot feeder to fish out in the open water to start with while the groundbait lines settled. Started on that and was straight in to a few rudd and small skimmers. Had around half a dozen before the first decent skimmer came in at 1 1/2lb. I gave it another 10 minutes before I came in on the 13m line and was into the same stamp of rudd and skimmers as the feeder line. But they were coming regular so I kept on it. Andy was getting a few good skimmers to my right and had stopped moaning about his peg. Another good skimmer came before I tried the short line, Plenty of bites but only small stuff.  Then it went a bit tits up as after two hours the carp moved in and the silver just about disappeared. The rest of the match was spent switching lines looking for a few silvers but I just got carped out wherever it dropped in. And some of them were right munters. I had one over the net that was never gonna go in the landing net in a million years. It was 20lb plus and after a couple of times trying to fold it up enough to drop in the net the hook pulled. I did manage a few small fish and four more decent skimmers with the biggest 3lb plus 15 minutes from the end but I was never gonna compete for top honours today. Top spot today went to Andy who managed to avoid the carp today for the first 4 hours with 41-14 of nearly all good skimmers to the 3lb mark. Second was Norm Sterry on peg 19 with 28-15. Not too many big skimmers in his net but a boat load of smaller stuff. Third was tom Baker on peg 20 with 25-15 of decent skimmers. My net was just over  21lb for 5th. Not done much silvers fishing for years so it made a nice change. Just need to get a bit better at it. Any other day those carp would have been most welcome. Maybe next match Ill feed less and keep the buggers away.

!st Andy Fuller 41-14, peg 11
2nd Norm Sterry 28 15, peg 19
3rd Tom Baker 25-15, peg 20
4th Matt Roden 23-11, peg 25

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Landsend saturday open 5/10/19

A disappointing turn out today with only 5 of us turning up. Not sure why more are not coming as its fishing well at the mo. Started off by pinching Beanies parking spot and suffered a bit of a tongue lashing from him lol. And no Russ peck today so I was always going home a quid short 😜.
All pegs today were going to be on the far side of match lake so everybody would be in with a chance for a few. Into the draw bucket and peg 18 sticks to my fingers. Had this two weeks ago in the 3 dayer  and had a good day catching mainly to my right by the tree stump.

Started off today straight down that edge as there were fish showing and I just couldnt resist it. About two minutes after the first drop in fish number one was hooked and a good 7 pounder was netted. By that time Dave Hodgson to my left had two in the net. They were hungry. but that was it for now down that line, but I expected that being so early. So it was out on 2+2 with 6mm pellet. I had a couple there before it died. Across to the island for a while and had a quick couple before they got picky on what they sucked in. It was black with fish and good ones too. But even when I could see 6 or 8 feeding they worked around the hook and I struggled to get anything.

So most of the rest of the match was spent mainly down the margin to my right  switching from corn and pellet. It wasnt hectic but it kept ticking over with the odd decent fish coming to the net. I did have a short run of fish at the bottom of the far shelf but they were all small fish. The last hour sparked into life down the edge and I caught really well. On reflection I should have caught a lot more as I fed fairly lightly most of the match and it wasnt until I decided to really up the feed down the edge did they come in in any numbers. Lesson for next time. My guess at the end was I had around 120lb. Ray White on 13 did his usual silvers approach and had 7-4 of them for top silvers weight in his total of 29-2. Dave Hodgson on 16 weighed 87-00. My net of all carp went a surprising 144-06 for top weight on the day. Dave Westcott on 21 struggled for 21-00. Nice matching numbers Dave.  And Mike Duckett on 24 has 121-1, where he caught nearly all his big fish in front of platform 23 on meat. Full weigh sheet below. Next week its the Mathern Mill silver series for me. Ill have to check all my elastics and buy some of those wriggly things.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Landsend 3 day festival.

Its that time of year again. Down to Landsend Fishery for three days. It's hard work travelling back and forth, and very tiring. So like last year I took my caravan down and stopped it a small camp site 90 seconds drive from the venue. Makes it so much easier getting up at half seven for breakfast then a short drive.  25 fishing this year and all three lakes were in, and you rotate and fish each lake.

 Day 1 and I draw peg 18 on match lake. A pretty consistent peg that can throw up big weights. I will keep things short as there's three day to talk about. I caught a few on a 2+2 line on pellet to start with but most of the match was spent down the right hand margin next to a tree stump sticking out in the water. Mostly caught on 8mm pellet but did switch to corn for a while. Bob Gullick won our lake first day to my left on 16 with 163-12. I was second with 150lb dead. Third was Joe McMahon with 139-12 from peg 5. Lake 1 winner wasTony Rixon with 182lb from peg 32. Lake 3 winner was John Hawkins with 195-6 from peg 62. More in depth results sheets at the end of the blog.

DY 2 saw me on lake 3. Very shallow most of it with only 2 foot of water down the middle in a lot of pegs. I drew peg 58 at the top end. A bit hit or miss this peg. I started on 2+2 on pellet and the lake erupted with feeding fish turning the water black. But after half an hour they all vanished and I never saw another fish on that line all day. The far side had a decent depth of 15 inches but was void of fish. The only place I could catch was to my right margin in front of the next peg. But I struggled all day and only took 3 carp in the last 3 hours. Bob Gullick opposite on 55 had a nice day taking a shed full of junior carp. My fish, and I was lucky to catch early, went 75-5 for close to last in section. Joe McMahon won the lake with 123lb from corner peg 41. Russ Peck was second with 117-8 from peg 68. Third was Nick Ducket with 96-13 from peg 51. Lake 1 was won by James Wither with 173lb from peg 34, though there was I mix up on the weight sheet so that could be wrong. Lake 2 was won by Tony Rixon with 159-10 from peg 24. Two wins in a row for Tony.

Day 3 and it was Speci lake for me. I draw peg 38 which is a tight peg for fishing the 16m across as you have to break down twice. Not good when fishing for big carp. I started on the usual 2+2 and started catching silvers with a few roach and decent swimmers coming on 6mm pellet over 4's. And as I was out of it for the overall positions I thought I'd stay on silvers for a change. But after an hour it died so I went across to the island. I had a good start over there but I was losing loads of foul hookers. First hour I only put 4 out of 12 in the net. Then that line⁸ dried up and from then on it was a real struggle. Another hour went by before I put another in the net. So I went back on the silvers and started to get roach again. But I hooked a decent carp and it trashed that line and that was the end of that. I nearly had a disaster when trying to break the pole down at 7m with a decent lump on the end. It bolted to the right as I was taking the pole apart and I could hear the joint crack as it kept going. Luckily the hooked pulled out or I could have seen my pole snapped at the join. The only high light of the day was landing a 16 pounder. It took 3 attempts to get it to fold up enough to get it in the landing net. First on the day on our lake was Nick Ducket on peg 33 with 165-11, just pipping Russ Peck into second place with 164-06. Third was Joe Mcmahon  on peg 40 with 93-04. My net went 81-03. So not a great series for me after a decent start. First on lake 2 was Lewis Jones from peg 18 with a hefty 284-14, though he went over in 2 nets and should have had 309-06. I know that feeling. Lake 3 was won by the Silverback legend himself, Rod Wootton with 172-11 from peg 68.

Overall winner was John Hawkins with 5 points just pushing Tony Rixon, also on 5 points, into second place on weight with 549-15 to Tony`s 482-08. Silvers winner for the event went to silvers specialist Ray White who finished with 6 points in the silvers comp. Fnal and comprehensive weight sheets and a lineup of all the winner below. Well done to everybody for a good weekends sport and banter, and a big well done to the winners. Also a big thanks to Mike Duckett for organising the event.