Saturday, 25 May 2019

Landsend foul hooking festival

Back down to Somerset to my favourite fishery and the tital of the blog say`s it all. Ill keep it short. I drew the carpark end of the lake....AGAIN!!!, peg 1. Cant get away from this end. Need somebody to send me a photo of the top end as Ive forgotten what it looks like. Steve Seager was opposite on 24 and Rich Heatley next door on 3. My plan was for a meat line short. Tried it 3 times and hooked and lost a carp first drop in each time then nothing else. A rig for the next pallet. that produced not a single bite. And a rig for against the end bank and the point of the island where the majority of the match was spent. I was firing pellets across and the carp were straight on it every time, but I was plagued by foul hookers and lost nearly everything I hooked, I was up in the mid thirties in lost carp by the end and only landed about a dozen. Torrettes was at an all time high today. got to say I didnt enjoy it much as it was so frustrating. by the end I was glad it was over. The match was won by Stuart holmes who was one of 4 guys that stopped off for the day on their way from Oldham to Viaduct, with 126-3 from peg 17. second was Steve "I`m Struggling to get bites" seager with 105-10 catght from the end bank and a few down to pallet 23. Third was another of the lost northerners, Paddy Curry on peg 15 with 103-2. Rich Heatley was top silvers with 14-4, mainley good skimmers and F1`s taken on meat. I managed to come nowhere with 57-0.  Full results below.

Saturday, 18 May 2019

landsnd Saturday open

   Not done a blog for ages, not been much since Xmas. Had a bad run and I really wasn`t enjoying fishing this winter so had a break for a while only fishing the Landsend winter league, that was a disaster for me. last few weeks I`ve started again and had a couple of decent results, winning last time out at Landsend and second in an evening match at Mathern Mill.
   So it was back to landsend today to try and pry a quid out of Russ Pecks hand. The 10 oclock draw is nice as I can still have a lie in up to my normal get up time for work and still be there in plenty of time. Into the draw bucket and i pull out 24, Its a peg I have drawn loads of times and realy struggled to have a decent day, so I was not exactly too happy. Had a good whinge about it. Got to the peg and the breeze was blowing into the end bank so who knows how it would go. For company I had Rich H  eatley opposite on peg one, The Bean Machine Dave "Beany" Westcott on 22 and Russ peck on 24, so sarcasm would be at an all time high today. I decided to set up just three rigs. A .3 SS margin to fish to platform 23, that was a total no goer all day. A .15 Shalla Slim  to fish at 13m along the end bank on 6mm pellet. and a .5 slim to fish at 14m off the end of the tree straight out on meat. Decided to start on meat today and 5 minutes in the float buried and a 4 pounder was netted. Missed a bite next drop in, then lost a carp next drop. stayed on it for about 40 minutes but only an F1 followed. Rich had a decent start with some F1`s from the island and a couple of carp, but Dave and Russ were struggling. So I decided to try the end bank and thats were I stayed most of the day taking a stead run of smallish carp. I tried the other lines on acasions but they didn`t produce anything else.the lake didn`t fish well today, which was a surprise as the weather looked cock on for a good day, but I did enough to win. My 23 carp went 92-2, like I said they weren`t big fish. second was Russ peck with mainly carp for 67-4. third was Rod Wootton on peg 17 with 61-14. top silver went to dave ings on 3 with 18-8 of mainly skimmers. full results below. Oh yeah, cheers for the quid Russ.

Monday, 7 January 2019

Landsend Winter league round 3

With the weather reported as in the freezing category it was a nice surprize that the weather people had it completely wrong. That makes a change lol. I was on match lake today and after last weeks disaster I was hoping to draw at the far end of the lake for a change. Something I havent done forever. I seem to be rooted to the closer end of the lake for the last year. But not a chance. peg 1 again. this peg seems to be feast or famine lately. And as I had already used my dropper points in the first match and only a third in section in the second, nothing worse than top 2 would do to stay in the league. Well, that didnt happen. I struggled for a dozen bites all day. I wont bore you with details but I only had 6 carp on meat in open water, and two other bites on soft pellet all day. No bites up or down the shelves along the end bank or island or down the righ hand margin  on any bait. I only beat three anglers on our lake so my league was over. Tony Rixon won our lake with 90 odd pound from peg 19 fishing meat between the islands and Gary Oshea second with 73lb I think from peg 5 fishing between the islands sharing the shoal with Tony.  I didnt get into hear the results so I got no idea how the other lakes did but you can read a bit more detail on Tony`s blog.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Landsend winterleague round 2

After a disastrous start in the first round when I drew a good peg and bombed out I was desperate to draw well again as a second bomb out would end my league. So after the breakfast was scoffed down I went into the draw late and pulled out peg 32 on Speci Lake. The dream draw for that lake, so I was well pleased. Just had to do my bit now and fish well. Got to the peg and found the wind howling down into my corner. That was gonna be a problem as you need to fish against the end bank to catch the resident shoal of carp. By the end of the match I had to clear it 3 times as I couldnt drop a rig through it. And after tackling up my worst fear was realised as it was nearly impossible to fish tight in as the wind just blasted my pole into the bank. And even when the wind died a bit it was almost impossible to keep the rig still.Plus I had the added bonus of all the crap from the trees drifting into the bank. At the start I went for a look long on the feeder rod right out by the aerator to see if there were any carp in the deeper water, but only a couple of tiny knocks from whitebait. So it was onto the silvers line that I had fed with micros and fished soft pellet over the top. It was slow to say the least and after an hour and one decent skimmer and a couple of pairs of eyes I risked the pole along the end bank. Well blow me doen as soon as i dropped in it sailed away before it settled, and an 8 pounder was netted. Happy days. back out and nothing else happened apart from a possible couple of liners. I persisted with it as I was sure there were fish there, and nobody seamed to be catching, but nothing happened for ages. so I switched around on all lines for not much else apart from a few bits. Then i decided to up the feed considerably as did Mike Duckett next to me, as feeding carefully was doing nothing. And it had the desired effect. with 90 minutes to go I started hooking big fish but getting them in was a problem. I think most were foul hooked and only 3 out of 9 reached the net. But they were all decent fish. At the end I was hoping Id managed to do OK in the section as I hadn`t heard of that much coming out. Mike next to me had a decent last half hour with three netted after struggling for a few silvers all day. Bob Gullick and Tony Rixon never saw a carp all day and went for silvers so I knew I had them beaten. I heard Nick Duckett had five carp and I could see Adrian Clark had beaten me with around 7 carp landed and a grass carp about two foot long. Nicks five carp went 60-01 for another section win. Adrian weighed 56-03 for second, and my four carp and silvers got me third with 37-08. It fished hard today with the wind being a problem. Im sure if I could have fished the end bank properly I would have had alot more, because when I could drop a rig in nicely I had bites. Ah well, C`est la vie. Top dog on the day was Steve "leaf Blower" Seager with 67-00 from peg 1. Full results below.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Landsend winter league

I was looking forward to this as I had a very good series last year, so it was on the road nice and early to get a breakfast and into the draw early. I pulled out peg 42 on lake three. I was more than happy with as its been good for a while and I won the lake in the opening match last year from it. Well things weren't so good this time. To keep it short it was crap. With an hour to go all I had was 6 bits that was my silvers weight for 1-12. Then I managed to get one carp down the edge after dumping a pint of maggots in, that took my total to 9-10 for last but one in the section. All I did most of the day was watch Bob Gullick catch steadily from the start next to me. Strange thing was we were fishing exactly the same for a large part of the match and I couldn't buy a bite. That's fishing for you. Well that's my dropped point out of the way. 5 section wins required now.


Saturday, 17 November 2018

Landsend Saturday open 17/11/18

Back to Landsend Fishery for the last bit of practice before the winter league starts next week. I was a bit late getting there but a call to Mike had me in the pot and when I got there I was told I had the last ticket in the bucket. I had peg 8. A peg I`d never fished before but after being told it was quite a bit deeper than the pegs either side I was quit happy about it, Pegs 7 and 9 are notoriously shallow and not what you`d want when the water is so clear. For company today I had Beanie to my left on 5, Rod |Wootten on 11, Russ Peck opposite on 17, Leon Hubbard on 15, and I could hear Laughing Mark Walsh on 13. So sarcasm and banter was going to be at an all time high today. 4 rigs were assembled. A .15 slim to fish just out from the island in about 15 inches of water on banded pellet in two spots. A .4 Slim to fish corn with no feed  at the bottom of the far shelf. I watch Russ do this a couple of weeks ago and it worked great for him that day. A .3 SS margin to fish to the pallets both sides of me, but I never had a touch on either side so wont mention that again. And a .3 Slim to fish 2+1 on maggot over micros in case the carp didn`t play ball. I was late starting so I fed the lines sparingly while I finished getting ready. Out on the corn line to start with and after 10 minutes I had a fish of about 5lb in the net. 10 minutes later and no more bites I picked up the pellet rig and dropped it in. First drop and I was into another carp. It was a good move as in the next hour or so I put 5 more in the net for about 35lb. a good start so I hoped It would keep going. It slowed a bit but by half way I had 10 in the net and as the rest of the lake was fishing hard I was in front at that point. Rod had started getting some decent skimmers but was struggling with the mass of leaves that were down that end of the lake. As was Mark opposite him. Russ had a couple of carp and the same of F1`s, and Leon had a couple of carp I think, but hes not gobby like the rest of us and doesn`t say too much. My peg went a bit quiet so I gave the silvers a try but the only thing I could get was tiny perch and roach and I had about 20 in 30 minutes for probably just over a pound. Bugger that when Rod is getting 2lb skimmers. That`s the difference in fishing maggot and soft pellet. So it was back across to the island and I started picking off the odd carp, with a few lumps chucked in.The last hour really picked up and I had 7 or 8 for about 50lb before the all out was called. My guesstimates are pretty crap lately and I thought I had about 150lb. but was surprised when it only went 122-01. Told you my guessing was crap. But It was enough for a clear win today. First for a while. Plus I finally won a quid off of Russ, something I hadn`t done for a while as he`s been on a brilliant run of 6 wins in a row. Mike Duckett got second with 61-08 from form peg 1, and third was Adrian Clark on 24 with 58-14. Top silvers as was expected was Rod with 20-02 of good skimmers and a few decent roach. Full results below.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Double blog. Landsend and Windmill

Two in one today. Saturday I went down to Landsend. Haven`t been there for a month, due to other commitments, and I was going to be late to the draw today so a call to Mike was made and i would have the last peg in the bucket. Got there 20 minutes late and was told I had peg 3. Not too happy with it. as its the wrong side of the lake and peg 1 is where you`d want to be on that side. But Russ Peck had that so the quid was on. Wont go into much detail as bugger all happened for me. One carp foul hooked after ten minutes and one other bite three hours later for a single perch. And as I dont believe in flogging a dead horse I left at 2 o`clock and went home to watch football. Russ was catching wherever he wanted so the match was his for the sixth in a row, Go Russ you super star. Don`t know any other placings as interest was at zero.

Windmill on Sunday and the forecast was for a miserable day. And yep it was. Constant misle all day. As Peter Kay would say, " that rain the soaks you through". drew peg 18, which was the golden peg, so pressure on again. Whenever I draw the golden peg it guarantees ill have a shite day, and today was no exception. It was two hours to my first bite on my silvers line, and it was the only bite I had there. Then a bit after I started catching small carp at 11 meters on corn. And I mean small. I had 16 by the end of the match for 34-02. Every body had at least a couple of lumps. So i`ve no idea why I was stuck with the nursery fish. No bites in the margin and only one bite and one fish from my shorter meat line. Overall a crap day. Winner today was Bob 'Bread Head' Price from peg 22 with 77-9 taken on corn. Must have forgotten his bread. Results below.