Sunday, 18 October 2020

Landsend Saturday Open 17/10/2020

 Winter is well on the way and it showed today. Peg 13 for me and I was very happy with that draw. But I got to the peg and was greated with a mass of leaves and frothy scum on the top. This wasnt going to be fun. Not much to report. This peg had been fishing well lately but not today/ Never had a touch along the end bank or in the margins. I Only had one bite out by the aerator that produced a carp aroud 7lb. struggled for silvers as the lines I fished were choked with leaves that just went around in circles in the ever changing wind. In fact I had to put a .5g float on to get the line through the scum as lighter floats resulted in the bulk shot just sitting ontop of it. Needed that extra bit of weight to break through it. And I could of walked on the water in the margins at times it was so thick. Did not enjoy it at all. I did manage to get three across to the point of the island, but at 16m in that wind, I recon my back will be feeling it for a week. I ended up with the four carp that would have gone 25lb and about 3lb of silvers, but I was well and trully spanked all around in both departments, so I didn`t bother weighing in. Don`t even know who won as I`d gone by the time the scales went around the lake. Ah well, lets hope for better luck next week.

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Mathern Mill saturday open

Short trip to mathern today. Breakfast was brought to the fishery as the previously aranged breakfast at the Millers was cancelled due to all pubs being closed from friday night. 21 fishing today so only one empty peg on the lake. I drew 20 and was pretty happy with that as Norm said anglers had a boat load of carp the day before that end of the lake fishing a pellet feeder and maggot. And i had the empty peg in 21 next to me so a bonus, though pegs 22 and 1 would be the ones to watch. started the match on the pellet feeder but no pull rounds.

 In fact the lake was dead. In the first hour from what I could see only one carp had been caught and no silvers.I tried a maggot line at 10m but the wind was blowing a holligan. It was just about impossible to fish the pole, and even though I did try several times I just could not present a still bait.. It was 2 hours 45 before I got my first bite, a ripper of a pull round on popped up wafter, I was supprised I got it in as it went mental and had me bottomed out on my lineclip for a minute before I made any line on it.i thought cold weather slowed them down. No chance in this place they are the hardest fighting fish I`ve come across. I then tried the laft margin as i`d been feeding it for three hours and took a carp first drop in. Then had to wait another half hour before the next down the margin, but it was a big beast around 14lb. two more late fish on the bomb was my lot for the day. no lost fish and only two missed bites. i did all I could today but it was hard.
paul Nicholls on 22 Has a steady second half of the match catching at 14m by the airator and on a 6m line. Rich Lovering on peg 1 had a few as well. They were able to fish long poles as the wind was more into thier face and was blowing along the pole. The scale came round and Neil Morgan on Peg 11 was top weight with 96lb. My 5 carp went 46-10 which was very close to my guestimate. That ended up third on the day. Paul went a bit better with 55-6 helped by a 15 pounder ten minutes from the end and another right on the all out for second place. A rough day in the wind and very few bites, but thats winter fishing for you. Full results below.

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Landend winterleague final round

It was the last of this years winterleagye at Landsend and this was the rearange match after the 5th round was cancelled through severe weather. I was just 4 point ahead at the top of the league so realy needed a good draw after bombing out last match.lake three today and I draw out peg 66. Not bad as this had the old weedbed in it that always held fish in this area. The weather was horendous so the first bit of kit set up was the brolley. Some say your a soft cock if you sit under a brolley, but you`d have to be soft in the head to sit in that rain for hours. started off fishing across to the island at 14 1/2 metres on 6mm banded pellet. it took a while but I did start to get a few bite. After just over an hour I had 4 carp in the net.  then lost the next three. it went a bit quiet so I came in on the 2+3 meat line. not a touch on that, and thats how that line was all day. a try down the righ margin just off the weed bed produced one small carp. Back across to the island. I took three more over but it was a bit slow with bites few and far between. Russ peck opposite, sitting in for Rob watts was fishing light for silvers as Rob was very close at the top of the silvers table, But russ was hooking carp after carp. But he had to stick it out for the small stuff for Robs sake. at 1-30 the rain stopped and that killed the peg, as it did for quite a few. it was hard work for a couple of hours taking just three more untill the last half hour when I took three good fish to my right margin.At the all out i was confident i`d done enough as my nearest rival, Lee Williams, two pegs to my right was admiting to around 50lb.
Mike started the weigh in on the other bank. Steve Seager maoned his way to 54lb after saying it was crap and there were no fish in his peg.  He was quiet when he was catching early so we have to be thankfull for little mercy`s. Russ did well to land quiet a few carp on silvers rigs for a total of 44-15. Nick Duckett up on 58 put 66-03 of carp on the scale, and that got him the win on the day. Lee had a very good start but the rain stopping killed his peg and had next to nothing last 3 hours. He put 52-14 on the scales. My dozen 13 carp pushe d the scales round to 65-12, just pipped by Nick, and that was enough for second on the day and the league win. So Im a happy little bunney. Nice little pay packet to take home. Mike Duckett ended up winning the silvers so well done to him. Yet again it was a pleasure to fish this league, with good organisation and load of laughs, mainly at Steve seagers expence. Thanks to mick Duckett for running it and to all that fished. Cheers guys. Full results of today below. Didnt get a final standing photo so will putit up when Mike uplaids it.

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Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Landsend winterleague round 6 sort of.

A few days late doing this blog. As the last round was postponed this should have been the last match but we got one more re-aranged match to go. We were on match lake today and as I am at the top at the mo I needed a good draw to make things comfortable in the last round. I drew peg 11. A few weeks ago I would have ran to this peg but its a feast or famine peg and at the mo its seams to be a bit of the latter. To say it was hard going is an understatement. I struggled all day for 12 bites. I switched around rigs and lines every 15 minutes just searching for fish. The best line was the deep hole off the end of the island at 14 1/2 metres on pellet. I managed 4 carp and one skimmer from there. I also took one F1 from the end of the island in the shallower water and my biggest carp of the day, around 8lb, foul hooked dropping in amoungst the reed bed to the left. I totaled 28-10 for absolutely nowhere on the day. So that is my dropper weight. It was strange as I never saw a single fish top all day, and in a lake with so many fish in it that was pretty unusual. First on the day was Nick Ducket who never had a touch untill 3 hours in then proceeded to empty his peg on meat for 134-14 from peg 19. Second was Dale Howsen on 24 with 78-12. Third, and getting too close for comfort in the final standings, was Lee Williams on peg 15 with 56-12. That puts him just three points behind me going into the final match in two weeks. A good draw is deffinately needed. No slip ups next time I hope. Full results below.

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Mathern Mill Open 8/2/2020

Short drive today to Mathern. 24 fishing and both lake were being used. Into the draw bag and peg 11 on Motorway lake comes out. Useually a very good silvers peg , but as I didnt go into the silvers pool that spoiled things. I will keep this very very short. The lake fished CRAAAAAAP. Hardly anything caught from what i could see. All I had was two big skimmers and lost two at the net, but fishing with carp gear the elastic was probably too heavy. I also lost one of the lake huge carp that did its best to pull me in before the hook got straightened out. And apart from that I missed one bite. packed up with an hour to go as I just couldn`t see anything improving. When you see anglers of the caliber of Craig Challingsworth and Gabe Scarba packing up way before me you know its bad. Didn`t hang around for the results so no idea what won it. I was home drinking coffee before rhe match ended. Winter league at Landsend next week. Hope thats a bit better.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Landsend Winter league round 4

Lake three today for round four and the wind was blowing a hooligan. I was last in the line for the draw and was left with peg 70. Its a decent draw on its day but the weights have been coming from the other end of the lake lately. I needed to do well today as Im at the top at the mo but might miss the next match so cant afford to drop a result yet. I was glad to see the wind that was pretty strong stood up on the bank wasnt doing anything at water level. I set up to dob bread along the end bank, and fish short with meat short and close to the weed bed to the right, plus an edge rig to my right. Started at 14 1/2m in the corner by the spit and had a good first hour taking 7. But I did loose a few too and with them wrapping around the post along the end bank it spooked them and they dissapeared. So I came into the edge and took one straight away. Then had a double first drop on the short meat line, but that was the only bite there. 3 hours and 50lb in the net. Doing ok. It slowed up a bit for ages. I took a couple more plus some roach down the edge and a couple on meat close to the weed bed. Then in the last couple of minutes another from the dobbing line. Thought I had low 70`s at the end. The far side of the lake was first to weigh and Rob Watts on 55 was well ahead with 84-10. Didnt think I could beat that. Rod Wootton on 62 had 57-02 and John Hawkins on 66 had 59-10. I was last to weigh and was surprised when I put 89-08 on the scales for the win. My guess was well out today. That put`s me a few point ahead overall with two to go. Full results below.

Overall standings.
1st Stu Barnett  7 points, 308lb
2nd Lee Williams 15pts, 239-10
3rd Steve Seager 18pts,  213-04
4th John Hawkins 19pts210-09
5th Rod Wooton 22pts, 191-03

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Mathern Mill saturday open 25/01/2020

Off to mathern today for one of Norm Sterrys knock ups. had last peg in the bag and I was on 22. Pretty happy with that. Was hoping to catch on wag with bread or bomb and pellet to the island today as this works well in this peg. 40 minutes swapping between the two and never ha a bite. id been feeding maggot to the airator at 14 1/2 meters and dropped in on that line. thie float settled and kept going. but after a minute in just pulled out. Came back with a scale on the hook. Over the next two hours I lost 5 and landed 1 on this line, mainly foul hookers, but nobody was catching much so I stayed on it as there were obviously fish there. I did chuck a bomb on the same line to try and stop the foulers but had just one skimmer on that. So 3 hours and one carp and one skimmer. Not going well. The fact I was struggling to see my float at times through the mist didnt help. Then I started to land a few and they just got bigger, with the first 4 going around 50lb, with the biggest weighed at the end at dead on 20lb. By the end I landed 10, all on double maggot, for 100-6 including the skimmer. Some big boys in that place. That got me first place on the day and the first time I had picked up any coin here for 18 months I recon. Not been doing any good for ages at Mathern Second was fishery regular Rich Heatley with 58-4 from peg 7 on pole and maggot. Third was  Andy Gard from peg 10 with 46-12.  Full results below.Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, outdoor and natureImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor, nature and water