Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Saturday Lands End open. 16/6/2018

Very late again doing this blog. Really need to kick myself up the arse. After another very nice breakfast it was into the cabin for the draw. Only 8 fishing today, which was a disappointment, but there were a few other matches on  today in the area. I managed to drag peg 24 out. A few months ago I wouldn`t have been very happy but now the fish have spread out around the lake it can be won from anywhere. Got to the peg and there was a gentle breeze blowing straight off my back so fishing was going to be easy at any length today. I set up two rigs for the end bank. One full depth and one to fish up in the water. An .3 SS Margin edge rig for next to platform 23. and two .4 slims to fish open water. One for silvers at 14 metres and one for meat at 5 metres. Opposite me I had Rod Wotton on his usual peg 1 for company. At the start I went straight onto the meat rig and it wasn`t long before I had a couple of decent F1`s and a roach in the net but after 20 minutes the bites dried up. Don`t think there were any carp mooching around yet. So I went along the end bank at half depth and straight away the float was dipping and moving around from whitebait.
There were carp moving so I stuck with it and took a couple of half decent fish in the next 30 minutes but the roach were a pain. Back out on the meat line and again loads of indications but no connections except a skimmer. A look along the margin next on 8mm pellet and the same there. What is it with me and tiny silvers. I seem to be getting this problem everywhere at the mo. A couple of fish started showing shallow so I got the shallow edge rig and started flicking it around, but it was just roach having ago. Back along the end bank shallow but no fish showing so it was the deeper end bank rig next and four carp came my way before they moved off. The middle of the match slowed and only a couple of roach and decent skimmer was added from the margin. Then at 3 o`clock the wind had a severe change. It went from a breeze off my back to blowing down the lake in a few seconds and it was like a mini hurricane. I`ve never seen it change like that in such a short time. That killed off any chance of fishing a 14 metres along the end bank. I couldn`t get the pole out there, as when I tried it was blown up over the tree stumps and I wasn`t risking breaking a section. I tried several times but couldn`t hold it after about 5 section went out. so the rest of the match was spent along my left margin as it was pointing straight into the wind. Even then I had a few moments were it was smacked into the bushes. But it paid off in the end. It took until the half last hour to get them going feeding 6mm pellets and fishing 8`s after and initial heavy ground baiting and I hooked 9 in the last 30 minutes landing 7. And they were better fish on average. At the end a guess of around 90lb was mad. Rod opposite was first to weigh and put 55.12 on the scales.
Russ peck on 11 took top honours on that bank with 64-00 from peg 11. He should have done better from there. He draws it every week 😂.  Beannie was on 13 and had 68-02 from peg 13, which is the best weight I`ve seen from that peg for a while. Dom on 18 had some late carp that took him to 80-09. I was last to weigh and was very close to my guestimate with 85-14 and top weight for the day. It was pretty consistant around the lake today so it made it nice and close. Hopefully I`m back next Saturday as the shifts in my new job might be different than what I thought. Full result below.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Acorn Tuesday open.

I finally got my arse in gear to do this blog, three days late. A decent turnout with 17 fishing. Into the draw bag early and I got peg 5 stuck to my grubby little paw. I calmly sprinted to the peg lol, its a good one. First peg on the island where the wind was blowing in. And was it ever blowing. It was a minor hurricane . Glad it was mainly in the face, but fishing across at 14 metres turned out to be just about impossible. But I wasn`t too worried as this peg has a couple of very good catch areas. 2+2 to the left at 10 o`clock angle and tight to the left margin at the point of the island, where there is a nice flat spot that goes out a couple of feet that`s about two feet deep. I set up a far side .15 Slim to try if the wind dropped. Two margin rigs, one for a bulk and another for a softer drop. And a silvers rig to fish 2+2 to my right (never got used). I mixed up some GB and paste to fish the margin, but at the start Id put 12 lumps of paste on in 5 minutes, so that just shows I had , yet again,  a silvers problem early on. I put a 6mm pellet on and had a skimmer and decent roach withing a few minutes. So I went out on the 2+2 carp line to my left and stuck on that for 20 minutes with only a couple of  bites and one small carp in that time. The tow was bad so I was glad I`d put a .5 slim on. The wind was dropping occassionally and I did try the far side but I`d only get a minute or two where I could not hold my pole over there. So I didn`t stick it out too long event though I was getting indications and had one about 5lb. I think the other indications were just liners from the float dragging through. Half way through and I had around 30 lb in the net with a couple taken down the edge and another at 2+2. But then  they moved in on the margin line and it was a bit crazy. I only had to put 6 pellets in and it erupted with loads of fish crashing around, and foul hookers was a nightmare. I was putting a few in the net but I lost around 35 during the day from that line. Plus I was still getting the odd good roach from that area. It was almost an indication every ten seconds as I struggled to get a rig in through them. I`m sure a few less fish in the peg would have resulted in a lot more fish hooked properly. Its a bit strange to say there were too many fish but that`s how it was. The lighter, slower falling rig was the best as it didnt seem to spook the fish as much as the bulked rig. At the end I had around 25 in the net plus the silvers and was confident I had well over a ton. The guys on 6, 9, and 11 and 14 were weighed in well ahead of me and 3 of them had over a ton. The scales got to me and my total was 119-03 for second on the day.
Getting closer to a long awaited win. Top dog on the day was Chris Fox on peg 21 with 134-00. second was Gary Flinders on peg 11 with 117-00. Hopefully the fish will settle soon after they finish spawning as there were still a few crashing around and two creamed me when I was unhooking them. But it was a good day overall with 6 ton plus weights. Weigh sheet below.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Mathern Mill Friday Open

Today`s match at Mathern was on the motorway lake where there is a large head of silvers , but even though I went in the silvers pools I just cant sit it out on silvers when I know there are big carp on offer. But I did set up a silvers rig in case the big boys didn`t play. Into the draw bag and out pops 25, but as they have changed the pegging since I last fished this lake so a quick check was needed to find out where I was. And it was happy days 😀.
A good peg to the right of the aerator, usualy good for a few lumps. To my left was George Sumsion  and beyond him venue supremo Norm Sterry. And with him on a very good corner peg it could be tough. Got to the peg and found this peg didn`t look like it had been fished for a while with it being very overgrown. I couldn`t even tell where the concrete bank was, so I set about clearing it out. I basicaly had no margin either side as there were Water iris to my right going out to a point I couldn`t see anything, and the rope for the aerator to my left with the electric cable dropping into the water about a metre out so that side was completely out of bounds. So a big clear out to my right was done so I could at least fish one side. And the view gave me a chance to fish close to the lily bed around the corner were the local munters tend to live.

I set up four rigs and a bomb rod to fish against the island. The rigs were, a  . 3 SS Margin to fish through the jungle gap to the lily bed on corn or 8mm pellet. Another to fish the top 2 next to my keepnet against the iris`ss`ss`s. A point 4 slim to fish a silvers line over ground bait at 2+2. And a .5 slim for pellet at 13 metres. At the start I went straight over to the island on the bomb looking for the resident lumps, It took a while for a pull round, but it came off half way back when it surfaced. The bomb came back at speed over my head, but I cleverly caught it in my left hand...Go me lol. Ten minutes later I hooked another but that came off pretty quick. Hmmm, not going to plan. George was still fishless, but Norm was storming away and had already hooked 11 fish in the first 30 minutes but had lost 9. Several taking his rigs. No more bites came on my bomb line so it was time to try the lily bed. I`d been feeding 6mm and corn and first drop in the float burried but before I could lift my pole over the foliage the fish was ten metres through the lily bed. no chance of getting that in. so when I found it had come off i pulled for a break. But i got the lot back. back in again and the same result. this time no rig on the return. This happend 6 more times before I gave up on this line. These bloody fish had been trained by Usain bolt. They were in the lilies before I could react. And when you think many are big doubles in this peg I never had a chance. So it was a try on the close edge line but that never produced a bite. back on the bomb but nothing happened. In fact bites had dried up completely. Half way through Norm was now up in the thirties with carp hooked and mostly lost but I recon he had about ten in the net. I couldn`t see much else being caught around the lake so Norm was well ahead. I was now pulling my hair out as I know there were fish in my peg but I couldn`t get going. So it was back to the lily bed were I continued to loose a couple more. Norm had a big smile on his face as he couldnt believe how many fish he was loosing and it did make me laugh a bit. The carp in this lake are loonatics and it is realy hard work to get the small ones out. It does give you doubts about trying to bully them as they just pull harder than you want to try with the pole. New plan, fish for silvers. So it was on with double maggot and hope I could find some of the big skimmers in this lake. First drop in and the float stayed flat on the surface. a small rudd had grabbed it. Back in. same thing. Another rudd. And im talking 2 inches. so i moved 5 number 8`s down to the hook length. But it made no difference. The float just shot across the surface and another rudd was on. I never got the bait to the bottom in ten minutes. So that line was binned. Not interested in 30 fish to the pound. back through the gap but I had been feeding a line very close to the flattened Iris. first drop in the float burried and I managed to stop the first run and it resulted in a 6 pounder. A few minutes later I hooked another that just plodded around for ten minutes. It was a beast at around 17lb. And as soon as it was away from the feed area, there were more tails showing. Maybe a chance of a late turn around. I basically stayed on this line for the rest of the match and even though I lost a few more to the lilies I managed to take 7 from this line including another good double. George had a couple of carp but had stayed mostly fishing for silvers. he had plenty of them but they were small so he worked hard for what he had. At the weigh in I was in front with my 9 carp going 72-05 for third on the day. Not sure what the top silvers was at the time as I didn`t get the silvers weigh sheet. Norm had stopped counting lost fish when he got to 40 but still managed to get enough in for a winning weight of 109-07. He trashed 20 rigs today which had me giggling. But a bonus for me he bought 20 float from me to replace them. Every cloud and that lol. second on the day went to Billy Barble, (that cant be his real name hahaha) with 76-07 from peg 11. A frustrating day again for me, and I just cant seem to get my act together at the mo. Guess we all go through bad patches. Hope it picks up a buit and mybe I might get a win for a change. Weigh sheet below.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Mathern Mill Friday open

With this fishery on my doorstep its an easy decision to give this a go on Fridays. The weather forecast was for a wild day today but as they got the forecast so wrong yesterday it wasn`t surprising that today finished completely opposite to what they were saying. My bright red face is proof of that lol. Into the draw bag and out pops 16. A nice peg that is primarily a bomb peg with a 30 metre chuck to the end of the island. Though you still have to compete with 11 and 12 opposite that are the venue flyers that dont often fail to take the top spots.
So the bomb rod was the first to be set up. I wanted to experiment today and my plan was to fish a short line(2=2) over a big bed of groundbait and corn, just to see if the carp would settle on it or tempt the big skimmers and bream, that go to 5lb plus, would have a go. So a .4 Slim was set up for there. Only the margin pole set up today so the usual .3 SS margin was set for my right side in 2 feet of water and a .5 slim to fish the full 8.7 metres straight out over pellet. at the start 10 tennis ball size balls were put in on the short line and a few pellets out on the long line, then the bomb with an 8mm pellet was chucked out within a foot of the very inviting island vegetation.
Didn`t wait long and the tip was wrenched round and a 6 pounder was in the net. Out again and ten seconds later a 7 pounder hooked and landed. Then next chuck a 14 pounder. Pretty nice start with 20 minute gone and around 30lb in the net. But after that the bites dried up, which coincided with the sun coming out, and over the next 3 1/2 hours I only landed 3 more. I tired the other lines many times rotating around but there was nothing coming out anywhere on the pole lines. The only person that caught on the pole that I could see was Andy Fuller on aquarium 12 , where he was catching in his margin. Got to admit this margin fishing is baffling me at the mo. Not caught any margin fish for  ages. I just don`t see anything when I try. Best keep to the longer stuff. And my experimental line was an epic fail with just one tiny skimmer and a lost foul hooker that I connected with lifting the rig out at half depth. The last hour picked up for me on the bomb and I managed to put 5 fish in the net with a couple of doubles among them. Andy caught steadily throughout the second half of the match as did Terry ? ( a few new faces to me today) on peg 11. Winner on the day was Josh Anderson on peg 3 with 100-05 . No idea how he caught as he was out of sight around the island. Second was Terry, less than a pound behind, with 99-11 of bomb caught carp. Third was Andy on 12 with 90-07 of mainly margin munchers. I managed fourth with 12 carp for 79-12 all taken from the island.  Sounds strange to get near 80lb and say it was a poor days fishing but I only missed 2 bites all day and landed all I hooked except the foul hooked fish, but thats how it felt. But at least the weather was good with no torrential rain that was forcast. I`m looking like a strawberry today and my face is glowing, but ya cant complain about sunny weather.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Acorn Tuesday cost cutter

first stop today was the Bridge Inn for a cooked brekkie. Its handy as its only a minute from the fishery, but saying that its usually only a 3.5 out of 5. not always the hotest, but it fills a space. A decent turn out today with 18 fishing. Into the draw bag and I pull 33 out. A decent peg next to a bridge and i was lucky as the wind was howling through the venue and it the bridge broke the wind up making it fairly easy with the pole were as Eddie Wynne next to me on 31 could hardly hold his pole at 7 meters. The other side of the bridge to my left was Mike  Chapman, so a civilised conversation was on the cards today. Unfortunately, England international Callum Dicks had drawn peg 5, a peg I would run too, so it was a case of fishing for second place today. It was an all out carp attack today. So a .4 slim ws set to fish just about anywhere in the peg beyond the bottom of the slope either side as its the same depth all round, but it was mainly for my banker spot halfway along the bridge on banded 6mm pellet.  .2 slim to fish shallow against the far side on top the shelf. a slapper just in case the weather calmed down and  I could see some cruisers. And a .3 SS margin to fish tight to the bridge in my left margin and against pallet 32. At the start I went straight across to the island fishing 12 inches deep and dropping pellet in via a toss pot. I did try feeding with a catapult during the day, but even though the pole was protected the pellets were getting blasted by the wind and going all over the place so I kept mainly to the toss pot. Straight from the off, when pellets went in it was like a trout farm with carp crashing around. I caught 2 fairly quick but they were charging through the peg so fast I was foul hooking loads and landing none. As soon as they`d eaten the pellets they disapeared and no bites ensued. So it was back in and refill the pot for another 30 seconds of foul hooking madness. It went quiet after a while which wasn`t surprising with so many lost fish, so it was down the middle by the bridge on my banker line but no action there. So it was into the margins for an early look. No bites to my left, but by pallet 32 it was a bite every ten seconds and connecting with nothing. The snotty silvers are a plague when your targeting carp down the edges. So it was back across to to far side. But the same problem was happening. Land one loose five. Very difficult to hook anything more than two inches from their arse holes. Very frustrating. So most of the second half was spent searching around. But the silvers were doing my head in. I recon it was 5 bites a minute almost anywhere in the peg and next to no contact with fish. even 8mm pellet got the same treatment. I did manage 3 quick carp from my left margin but then the silvers found the bait and it was impossible to get a bait to the bottom. I did start hooking a few carp in the mouth in the last 15 minutes and put 4 in the net in that time. Too little too late unfortunately. At the weigh in Callum was clearly winning as expected with 131-2, and he even mentioned how crazy the fish were today crashing through his peg. Dave Wride was winning the silvers with an excellent bag of 26-10 in his 63-5 total. Mike managed 17-8 of silvers the other side of the bridge. My 18 carp, several big F1`s, and a  few accidentals went 64-12 for fourth on the day.  A very strange day with the weather doing all sorts and it deffinately made the fish a bit skittish. Hopefully the weather will settle again soon and the fish might settle down with it. Full results below.

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Mathern Mill friday open

A quick 5 minute drive to the venue for me to the fishery close to Chepstow. No breakfast here so it gets a zero on the brekkie meter. Only 8 turned up because of the weather forecast of all day rain so we had 2 on each bank, sort of. I asked if they could take the near bank off as its always a struggle to win from there as the main shoal of fish live at the bottom end of the lake and never move far. Plus I cant remember when I drew anywhere apart from peg 22 or peg 2. I get them every match. Ive even drawn two, got to the peg, got called back for a redraw and drew it again lol. So this time I was hoping for the other end. I was second into the draw bag. First guy draws peg 24. Phew, thats one gone. In I go and yep!!! peg two. I should put a bet on it. The lake has matured a lot and lots of reeds and island vegetation makes this place very picturesque, Three rigs today plus a bomb rod to fish the island but I wont go into too much detail as it fished crap and bites were at a premium. All I had was eight carp and one skimmer for 48-6. The carp all came from tight against the island on 8mm pellet on the bomb. And I landed everything I hooked from that line with only eight pull rounds. The margin was a dead loss with only one foul hooked carp that came off withing seconds. Apart from that I never saw another bite in the margin. So it was a very poor day and with 5 and a half hours of heavy rain it was miserable and I was glad when it was over. Top weight came as expected from the other end of the lake from peg 11. But he went over the disqualification weight in his net his weight was cut from 139-12 to 56-12 for nowhere. It pays to use a clicker. So default match win went to Jon Darby with 126-15 from peg 12. second was Norm Sterry with 95 -1 from peg 16 and third was Ashley ? on 22 with 84-5. Gonna try it again next week with a bit of luck. Lets hope for a change of view, maybe looking up at this end of the lake.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Landsend Saturday Open

Back at Landsend today, first time for three weeks, for the usual Saturday bash. The weather was looking very good with it being a heatwave lol. Hope the fish weren`t in spawning mode.  First stop was the breakfast which was  4.9 out of 5 today, very tastey. I had loads of time as id got there for a 9 o`clock draw and it was now gonna be 9-30, so I went for a walk around the lake. Pegs 9 to 13 were solid and I recon I could have stepped off the platforms and walked to the island. So a draw at that end of the lake might be good. Only 10 fishing today which was disappointing on such a nice day but I guess all the royalists were sat in front the tv watching the wedding. Into the draw bag and out comes 15. OMG, I`ve actually drawn past the island gap. First time for 12 months I recon. off I run to my peg which is a pretty good draw and was glad to see there were now a few fish right across cruising around.  First rig set up was a slapping rig. along with a Shalla Slim to fish tight across,  A .4 Slim to fish meat at 2+3 and a SS margin to fish the margins both sides. For company I had Martin Mcmahon on 13 and Dave Hodgson on 17. And as usual I had Beany opposite. It seems I sit with him the other side of the lake nearly every match. At the start I went straight out on the slapper but after 15 minutes and two indications that could well have been silvers I gave that up for the time being and went across to the island. It was solid with carp but hooking them in the right end was nearly impossible and I spent an hour hooking and loosing loads and only putting a couple in the net. so I gave it a rest and looked down the edge on meat. This was suppose to be my banker line as I thought it would be were Id get my weight from, but I was getting bitted out on any bait with the float not settling and  I only had a 3 pounder in the thirty minutes I tired. The meat line was barren of anything with no indications so it was back across across to the island. Same as before, liners was a problem but I did get a few more in the net but a lot were small and the weight count wasn`t going up very fast. Martin was struggling and was getting pestered by white bait in his margins and not getting anything shallow or on the deck. Anther try on the slapping rig right across produced a couple but it was a bit tricky as I had a couple of dangling branches sticking out and managed to hook them a couple of times. By half way I had managed to get to around 50lb with a couple of bonus lumps but the second half of the match slowed right up. Like Martin, my edge was frustrating with silvers blitzing everything I put in and only one more small carp came from there so most of my fish came from across. Martin had all but given up by the end with a very frustrating day and Dave had a slow start but put a few edge fish in the net. I guess I had 80lb ish  by the end. First to weigh today was Martin Rayet, who continued his golden run by putting 126-6 on the scales from peg 1 for the match win. I recon we got a new Trigger coming on lol, he cant go wrong at the mo. Rod Wotton  was next and had the top silvers weight of 10-10 in a total of 58-10. Martin didnt bother weighing, and I put 79-04 on the scale including my few accidental silvers. It didn`t fish as well as I thought it would today, but I guess the bright sunshine didn`t help but its nice to be sat without 6 layers of clothing on at last. full results below.