Sunday, 13 March 2016

Landsend saturday open.

I wasn't suppose to be fishing this weekend as I was booked in for a knee op Friday but that got cancelled late in the day so i at least I got to go fishing Saturday and work Sunday. So I headed off to Landsend. After a very nice breakfast it was into the bucket and I pull out peg 10 on Match. Oh dear!!!. All the matches I've fished here since Xmas the pegs along that area have bombed out big time. But as Mr Rixon says, fish have fins and move around. Right where do I start??. Oh yeah, 4 1/2 hours in. 4 bites, 1 fish, packed up went home to watch the rugby. End of. It was crap

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mathern Mill winter league

Back to Mathern today for round something or other, not sure as I've sort of lost interest lol. Into the draw bag and out comes peg 14 in the bottom corner of the lake. Not a peg I'd select as it produces a weight about once every millennium, when Venus and Pluto align with Uranus during a solar eclipse. So not very confident. Got to the peg and found the wind blowing into the corner so maybe I'd be lucky. Set up two rigs. A .5 pencil float with a 16 to .013 to fish a variation of baits at 11 meters as there can, on the odd occasion, be some decent skimmers around there. And a .3 short diamond to fish the hole to my right margin on corn or maggot where it drops off  off about 18 inches to a depth of 3 1/2 feet. Hoping there might be something there as the water was very cold. Plus a bomb rod to fish along the right hand end bank and 20 meters straight out. You can't go much farther as there are anglers left and right that you'd cast across. Started on 8mm pellet along the left bank as Steve Shaw caught there on the rare occasion the fish are around there a few weeks ago, but after a biteless hour I tried caster at 11 meters. Not a touch there, Hmmmmm. So it was into the margin on corn. And again nothing. Switched to trying both bomb lines again for half an hour and biteless. But at this stage the whole lake was fishing very hard. Craig Challingworth to my left on 15 had only had a couple of small skimmers by now and Steve Shaw on 16 had one carp. Back on the 11 meter line on corn and after a long wait I did manage a couple of small skimmers. As this is a combined weight league and not points catching these was a waste of time so I went back in the margin and it was like the dinner bell rang as Craig, Lee Pesticcio on peg 12 on the point and myself all hooked and landed a carp at the same time. Here we go then. Or not as it turned out. That was the only carp I had. Even thought I swapped around all day all I managed after that was a few small skimmers. The second half of the match did pick up in the usual pegs and a few carp were caught, but not for me. So as the football was on I thought bugger it as I was clearly last on the lake I chucked my fish back and packed up about 15 minutes early. I don't like doing that but I'd had enough by then as as I've got no chance of getting anywhere in the series it didn't matter that I got a DNW. Top three today were the three anglers along the bottom bank to my right on the point fishing the open part of the lake. Giles Cochrane on 11 caught mainly on the bomb for 110lb for first. Second was Lee Pesticcio on 12 with 88lb for second on long pole,  and third was Gary Swain on 10 with 82lb of bomb caught carp. Those pegs have been producing all series so I'm not surprised they produced again with good anglers on them. Not sure how the rest of the lake got on as I was watching the footy by the time they weighed in.