Sunday, 19 November 2017

Landsend saturday open.

I've not done a blog for a few weeks, not because I've had a bad run, but just because I've been a bit slack. The last five matches I've framed 4 times. All third places. So I need to pick my ideas up a bit. Back to Landsend for the weekly open and the day couldn't have started worse. Five minutes from the venue and my car went into safe mode and it was a crawl for the last couple of miles. That's probably a £400 repair as it's the desiel particulate filter again. Bugger!!!!.A very nice fried breakfast was consumed and a dip into the draw bucket and peg 11 pops out. All the matches I've fished here and it's the first time I've seen it. It's been consistent lately so maybe my run of thirds would come to an end. There's a deep hole that's close to 2 feet deeper than the rest of the peg at 16 meters so that was gonna be my main target. Also along the end bank. But with a heavy covering of leaves it could be a frustrating day. A margin rig was set up as well for the platform 10. Fed all lines at the start and went to the end bank. It took 5 attempts to get the rig through the leaves but after it settled for a few second the float dipped and carp number one was netted. But that was it. No more bites there. So out to the deep hole but like everybody else at that time I sat watching a motionless float. It was bloody hard. After an hour I thought I saw a swirl through the leaves by the island so I got my shallow rig and dropped it in and carp number two hit the net. Fifteen minutes later number three. But it was another hour till my next bite and a list carp from the hole. Then my day got worse. As it it a hard peg to fish because you have to break down twice because of the brambles behind I heard a little crack. A quick check and I found an inch crack in the joint of my number 7 section. So the long pole fishing was finished for the day. So I got the bomb rod out to drop in in the hole. I did get one out and lost one but bites were very few and far between today.not much happened and everybody except Mike Ducket struggled. I managed a skimmer and one carp from close to platform ten but that was it for me. As expected Mike won it from peg one catching along the end bank with around 14 carp for 77-2. Rod Wooton was second from peg 21 with 45-5. I managed 26-9 for yet another third place. I might not be good but I'm bloody consistent lol.